Children's Health

Accessible, Friendly and Helpful
We aim to provide a setting that is accessible, friendly and helpful where parents can bring their children for a medical opinion, advice and treatment. 
Children are welcome at all surgeries and our aim is to make them as relaxed as possible for a consultation about which they may be uncertain. 

First-Rate Children’s Health Services 

Taking care of your child’s health can be stressful and worrying.
At Dunstan Village Group Practice, we aim to alleviate your stress by conducting thorough medical examinations and treatments.
Your child will be at ease and comfortable in our safe and friendly practice.
Our GPs have extensive experience treating children of any age.
Book today for an appointment at Dunstan Village Group Practice. 

Minor and Major Illnesses
Though most consultations with children are for minor illnesses, the threat of serious conditions like meningitis, pneumonia and dehydration, among others, are very real. Very often, there can be uncertainty in the early stages of an illness. 
We aim to help children and their parents during this difficult stage by offering attentive care, treatment and ongoing communication. 

Child Health Services
Our children's health services include:
  • Children’s health surveillance
  • Chronic childhood diseases
  • Child development
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Nutrition

Child Vaccinations 
It’s important to vaccinate your baby early. Our GPs and nurses are highly regarded throughout Edge Hill and Wavertree for administering quick and effective child and baby vaccinations. 
We offer all vaccinations (including meningitis and measles) administer both baby and child vaccinations and at our clinic in Edge Hill.
You can trust us to guard your child against disease or sickness.